Hotty With A Rack

Girl With A Rack

“A goddess with a rack adore mine acquires into sports by at not time really getting along with cuties at all,” Michelle May told in one of her interviews.

“I acquire along with bucks. In fact, I think that I think like a dude, so I acquire along with males more fantastic. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I’m not coy. I do not think I ever learned to be coyness. So coz I am blunt, girls do not acquire along with me. They think I’m a floozy. But men do not. Men appreciate that.

“I think guys are effortless. Not sexually, but they just say what they mean. They tell it love it is. And sometimes that comes across as mean, but I don’t think that males are mean. They are just truthful and I can appreciate that. So I liked to be around men and not beauties, and being around men, I observed and learned to adore sports.”

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