A black cock/white cock DP for Alby Daor

A darksome cock/white shlong DOUBLE PENETRATION for Alby Daor

A dark-skinned cock/white ding-dong Dual Penetration for Alby Daor

U know a Fourty something female is peculiar when we bring her back to copulate for the fourth time. Go through our archives and you’ll watch that it hasn’t happened very often. Maybe a handful of times in the long history of 40SomethingMag.com. And it’s not just that Alby Daor is particular. All of our SEXY HOUSEWIVES are specific. But Alby is special and this babe is doing something peculiar in her 4th scene: She is getting DP’d by 2 juvenile, hung dudes. One of ’em is Twenty two, and that charmer has a big, black cock.

Her spouse viewed, by the way. This gent came along so this lady-killer could watch his dear wife receive her cum-hole and backdoor filled with strange dick. And maybe this chab helped her clean up afterward when that babe had 2 loads of cum all over her pretty face.

By the way, Alby is a Mama, likewise. We wonder if the kids know about their parents’ vacations to South Florida.

Alby said us that babe watched her previous 3 scenes alone and with her boyfriend.

“I thought they were put jointly well and was happy with the last product,” Alby said. “I got wanton watching the films and photos. I became very excited. My smooth operator was glad watching the films with me ‘coz I became very wet and avid to get at his meat-thermometer.”

And, so, they banged.

“I had sex right after watching my scenes,” this babe told.

Alby too told that doing this “has enhanced my sexuality.” We did not know it needed any enhancement. “I receive concupiscent knowing that people have seen me having sex on film. This experience has likewise made me take more valuable care of myself physically ‘coz when I do some other film, I wish people to acquire amorous.”

Done. And we don’t think a lady could look any better. Alby’s a 10.

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Teacher’s getting ass-fucked!

Teacher’s getting ass-fucked!

Teacher's getting ass-fucked!

Anna Moore, a 43-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother, used to be a college math teacher.

“That was during a time that I was beginning to own my sexuality a little bit,” Anna told. “I was starting my awaking, and so I would wear things that were a little more tight. And I thought the kids were looking at me.”

We asked her what she’d wear to school, and she told, “A pencil skirt with a top that would be more form-fitting to my body. I still wasn’t showing likewise much deep cleavage. It was nearly like a tanalise, adore ‘Haha, can’t touch this school teacher,’ but make them think they wanna. Set up the fantasies for later in life.”

Love for now. Love when she’s engulfing and banging and getting her butt filled with wang on-camera for all the world to watch.

We too asked her if that babe ever caught the kids talking behind her back about the sexy teacher.

“Well, interestingly, I have a side business,” that babe told. “I’m an in-home consultant for a sextoy company. I sell toys on the side along with underware. And one of my students, her Mama went to a training with me and this babe was like, ‘I’m so concupiscent to meet you. You are my daughter’s teacher!’ I was love, ‘Please do not tell her you saw me today!’ And lo and behold, within a week there were rumors galore. At 1st it was that I worked in a sex store, and some of the students who were 18 were gonna look for where I worked. Some of them told I had an escort business. Some of ’em said I had sex on the side. The rumors flew. And that’s when I had to cut back a little on what I was wearing. A little more conservative.”

She is not a teacher anymore, so she doesn’t get to be conservative. She can do whatever this babe urges to do. Adore What she’s doing here.

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An anal creampie for Anna Moore

An anal man juice pie for Anna Moore

An anal cock juice pie for Anna Moore

Twenty years agone, Anna Moore was a prude.

“I didn’t even have an agonorgasmos back then,” that babe told. “I was your run of the mill Sunday school teacher, completely overspread head to toe almost any of the time. Very frumpy Mother type back then.”

Well, observe her now, showing off her body on-camera, mouthing and screwing porn penis and, in this, her second scene for 40SomethingMag.com, taking a big schlong up her constricted gazoo and even letting the stud cum in her a-hole.

She’s 43 years mature. She’s a Mother of four and grandmother of one. This babe got divorced then re-married. She is from Michigan and lives in Florida. Life has changed for Anna.

“I was the Sunday school Mommy,” this babe told. “I was praying for my children, praying for all the little kids. It was all wonderful and cutesy and ideal. The me of 20 years ago would not have even envisioned this. I did not own everything hawt. I had the archetypical granny briefs. My bras were plain mature Playtex bought from Sears or JCPenney. I never even considered exploring everything remotely hot. The word deep cleavage was definitely not in my dictionary.”

Until last year, that babe taught math in high-school. Now that babe does parties in which that babe sells sex tools and lingerie to excited babes. And she does this.

So there was the aged Anna and the new Anna. Guess which one we most like?

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Kerry’s opener winds up in her rear end

Kerry’s opener winds up in her rear end

Kerry's opener winds up in her rear end

Kerry Martin, a 45-year-old divorcee and Mama from Colorado, is walking around her backyard when that babe sees Logan working on the ladder, so that babe goes over to hold…the ladder.

“It’s a little wobbly,” Logan says.

Don’t worry, bro. It’s gonna be unyielding as can be in just a scarcely any seconds.

“I do not watch any drips,” this chab says as he checks out the room and that babe strokes his trousers. By trickle, we assume he’s not referring to pre-cum, which will be along in just a not many seconds, likewise. Kerry, whose bigger than standard mammaries are bursting without her tight top, strokes higher up his leg.

“That wasn’t in my job description,” this chab says, although it of course doesn’t sound as if this charmer is complaining.

“I get to check smth else out, likewise,” this babe says, and then she pulls out his schlong whilst he’s standing on the ladder, strokes it and sucks it. That babe sucks it unfathomable. Then that babe takes him inside, where they can continue out of getting interrupted by nosy neighbors. Not that Kerry would mind being observed during the time that she is doing it.

“It doesn’t bother me,” that babe told. “In fact, it’s a bit of a turn-on.”

So, yep, Kerry sucks his knob. And Logan shags her MILF muff. But smth else happens that’s weird for a MILF’s 1st scene: That babe takes it up the butt, rock hard and deep, previous to Logan shoots his cum in her throat and on her face.

As 1st XXX scenes go, this one gets a 10/10.

More about Kerry:

This babe was born in Kansas. We do not receive tons of aged sweethearts from Kansas.

She enjoys doing outdoorsy ram love camping, hiking, rafting, four-wheeling and fishing.

That babe can’t live out of a laid-back fellow with a nice sense of humor.

She’d adore to lay him back and for him to lay her. Just love what happens here.

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Busty MILF’s first time, and it’s in her ass!

Breasty MILF’s 1st time, and it’s in her arse!

Busty MILF's first time, and it is in her arse!

Ass-fucked in her 1st on-camera XXX scene?

“Yes!” said Kerry Martin, a 45-year-old divorcee and Mother from Colorado (born in Kansas). “But I’ve merely had smaller penis-sizes, so I am a little nervous about trying it on-set.”

There turned out to be no reason for Kerry to be nervous. This babe handled Logan’s large cock like a accustomed, taking it unfathomable in her constricted arse and actually enjoying the ride. Before that, this babe acquires face-fucked, pussy-fucked and tit-fucked. Damn, for a first-timer, this lady does it all!

Kerry has DD-cup milk cans, and she makes sure Logan enjoys ’em. The face-fucking in this scene is great. She takes him unfathomable, down to the balls, and pulls his arse into her face to make sure this babe gets each inch.

Kerry, who has worked as a chief financial officer for some nice-looking big companies and has traveled the world, identified us by answering one of our ads. We asked her if the people this babe knows would be surprised to see her here, and she told, “Yes, totally!” She is not a swinger. She is not even a nudist. This babe is just the mammoth breasted Mommy from down the block who decided to fulfill one of her fantasies.

By the way, Kerry is so into anal that when we asked her if this babe masturbates, that babe said, “Yes, every single day. I use a magic wand on my like button while inserting a sex tool in my bawdy cleft and booty.”

Sounds to us love she was a porn star expecting to happen.

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Easy BBC Ryder

Effortless BBC Ryder

Easy BBC Ryder

“I like a smooth operator with a admirable heart,” told 43-year-old Mother Ciara Ryder. “If I have a fine heart, then there’re other people who have a good heart and a nice soul who are caring and compassionate. And if he’s into some things that I like too, love health, fitness, being intelligent, gonna concerts, that is a big plus.”

Await a second…did Ciara just say this babe likes a Lothario with a good hard-on? Maybe not, but that’s what we heard. Here, the petticoat chaser with the valuable hardon is Isiah, who has a large, black ding-dong. When this scene widens, Ciara is on the phone with her chap. That babe tells him that that babe misses him. This babe likes him. How fine! But then Isiah comes by with some papers for Ciara, and she wastes no time getting his wang out.

“You sure have become a fine young buck,” Ciara says, remembering Isiah from when this chab was youthful. “It’s ok. U can touch me. I will not tell my partner.”

So that lady-killer touches her a-hole, zeppelins and muff. This stud eats her nicely shaven love tunnel. She slurps on his meat-thermometer and then she goes for a ride.

“Oh, yeah, shove it in me!” Ciara entreats, and Isiah, a man with a fine heart, doesn’t need to be asked twice. Nor does this chab need to be told where to cum: on Ciara’s pretty face and bigger in size than run of the mill bosoms.

“I like unexpected, romantic, hawt, wild sex,” Ciara said. “If I initiate go out with anybody and we just connect, then it’s magnetic, batty sex anywhere, wherever, in the abode, in the kitchen, all over the place. In the hotel, in the elevator, everywhere. Why not, right?

“I would say my kinkiest experience was in a biggest mansion in Beverly Hills during the time that a bigger than typical party was going on. The fellow and I snuck off to an extra room to have sexy, wild sex. We could hear people out side the door, and it was gripping that we could have gotten caught. When we were done, people wondered where we went off to. I think we raised a few eyebrows that night.”

Appears to be like Ciara is always raising something. Eyebrows. But usually jocks.

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Ciara Ryder rides a big, black cock

Ciara Ryder rides a large, black jock

Ciara Ryder rides a large, dark cock

Of mouthing and screwing on-camera, 43-year-old Mother Ciara Ryder said, “It’s very empowering. Very positive. Very encouraging.”

Here, Ciara encourages her porn husband’s employee to get a rock hard cock by standing over him in a constricted, short skirt. She sucks and bonks his larger than standard, darksome penis and spreads wide for his cum. Ciara is a sweetheart with large whoppers and a body that can take a stiff banging, which this babe acquires.

But she’s too the woman-next-door.

“I’m a Mother, so I like doing things with my kids,” Ciara said. “I adore family. I love gonna concerts. I like hiking. I love sports. I am gorgeous busy. I’m doing a little bit of anything but anything in moderation. I like to keep myself in balance. I like to help in the community as well and volunteer my time.”

Ciara is divorced and single but courting.

“I’m dating here and there, but I like to take my time to have to know anybody,” told Ciara, who is definitely not an easy lay. “I like a lady-killer with a nice heart. If I’ve a wonderful heart, then there are other people who have a priceless heart and a priceless soul who are caring and compassionate. And if he’s into some things that I like, likewise, adore health, fitness, being intelligent, going to concerts, that is a large plus. Someone who can communicate well with me. U can not go not right with that.”

Can not go incorrect with that and can not go wrong with a female love Ciara…if you can find one. That babe is special.

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A memorable first time for Tabby Tender

A memorable 1st time for Tabby Delicate

A memorable first time for Tabby Tender

How worthy is Tabby Tender, a 45-year-old divorcee and Mamma of 3 from North Carolina?

“I’m so worthwhile,” Tabby said.

This babe looks great in a short, tight dress that displays off her curves and crotchless straps. Now that that babe is divorced from a lad who was a bit of an ol’ fuddy duddy, she’s having the time of her life with her new lad. This smooth operator encouraged her to be here. He encouraged her to engulf and copulate massive porn schlongs, love JMac’s.

“He’s well aware I am here and supports my sexuality,” Tabby told. “When I met my important someone, that fellow knew right away that I was a sexual Scorpio Italian gal, and this chab truly wanted me to explore it more, so here we are! We have a great sex life. We enjoy, and this chab doesn’t inhibit me at all in my sexuality. This chab is a freak adore me.”

Tabby was in the antique business for numerous years. Now she makes custom home videos.

“Whatever u can think of, I will try,” this babe said. “My ex-boyfriend didn’t even crave me to have a sex-toy in the abode. That is why he’s the ex.”

And about that antique business…

“Me and my ladies man were traveling from one antique location to some other, and I just said him, ‘I’m so randy. I cant await until we need to the hotel room.’ And this chab just pulled over into this rest stop surrounded by all these tractor trailers.”

It was daylight. People were walking by their car, but they fucked in any case.

“I do not think they could believe what they saw,” Tabby said.

They saw smth love what you are going to see here. Something valuable. Smth to remember.

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