Heart-Shaped Box

Heart-Shaped Box

Heart-Shaped Box

Occupation: Manager at a cannabis exotic dancing club; Age: Twenty three; Born: March 16; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 132 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Belts; Anal: Touching with tongue & light fingering; BJs: I’ll gulp if you are hawt; Masturbate: Who doesn’t?

Inspect the bewitching little bush on Adira. She hairless it into a heart shape just for u men to display u how much she loves your support and adoration.

Adira is joy. She is a pot-smoking ravisher with a penchant for sexual sex and has dreams that’ll make you blush. She works as a manager at a cannabis exotic dancing club, which is adore a bar but with weed instead of booze. That babe said us that her dreams are being team-fucked, sucking a massive jock and having tons of public sex. “Preferably, they’d all happen at the same time,” that babe told us.

“I usually stick to oral-service when having sex in public. That being said, I’d love to do what the British call “dogging.” That is when a beauty goes into the woods and bangs any boyz who wander out there looking for vagina, 2 or 3 at a time.”

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Cashmere’s anal afternoon

Cashmere’s anal afternoon

Cashmere's anal afternoon

Cashmere is looking out her bedroom window when that babe spots Logan wandering around her back yard, seemingly aimlessly.

“Come here. I wanna see you,” Cashmere calls out to him. “How are you?”

“I’m valuable. How are u?” this buck says.

“I’m home alone,” she says. “And my hubby just left. Urge to come in?”

“Do you wish me to just crawl right throughout your window or do u wanna open the door for me?” that stud asks.

Either way will work, but Cashmere opens the door for him. She doesn’t crave him to exert any supplementary energy that could be used satisfying her.

And this woman chaser does that. Logan, who’s half her age, shags Cashmere’s 60-year-old fur pie and butthole and makes ’em gape and cums all over her butthole. She rubs it in, pleasured by this afternoon delight.

60PLUSMILFS: You know, Cashmere, you might get some fans from being here.
CASHMERE: That would be great. I crave people to relish what they see, and I hope they have fun me. There is a little part of me that is nervous about this being out there for anyone to see, but it is exciting, likewise, not knowing who’s gonna see me.

60PLUSMILFS: When you’ve been swinging, have you ever run into people u know from your regular life?
CASHMERE: No, but there’s this couple that throws some larger parties, and they happened to be truly close neighbors in the neighborhood that I lived in for Twenty something years, and I was adore, “That was my neighborhood. That was where I lived.” That was a little freaky. And I met a couple that lives a street away from me now, and I keep thinking I am intend to run into ’em at the grocery store. U don’t know who these people are. They could be your next-door neighbors.

60PLUSMILFS: Have u ever had a 3some?
CASHMERE: Yep. I’ve done DPs with two guys, and that is actually thrilling. I’ve merely done that a handful of times. I have done a little bi stuff with chicks, but I am mainly into lads. I kind of have a fetish for being restrained and feeling powerless. Then one time more, it all has to be in the right context. It has to be consensual.

60PLUSMILFS: Is there anything you’d like to tell the people out there?
CASHMERE: Just expand your horizons, and if you are married, swinging or doing something like this could make u feel alive. Go for it!

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Cock-addicted Cora does a BBC

Cock-addicted Cora does a BBC

Cock-addicted Cora does a BBC

When this scene spreads, 46-year-old Cora Comfort is wearing a very short, white, fishnet suit. That babe is very amorous. She craves schlong. This babe walks down the stairs, talking about how gracious this babe thinks Seyvan’s shlong is intend to be.

“I cant wait,” that babe says. “More ramrod and fetching, dark skin all over my body. It makes me so aroused. I just desire more and more and more.”

He is already there, so this babe has him come up the stairs. They do not wait until they need to the bedroom. Cora receives down on her knees and sucks his 10-Pounder right there on the staircase. When she’s done engulfing his pecker, they go down to the living room, where they screw on the sofa, him engulfing her big scoops whilst he deep-drills her unshaved slit. Check it out: Cora’s nipps are rock-hard. They’re pointing toward the ceiling!

“I’m addicted to cock,” told Cora, who calls herself a cougar and thinks this babe is going to be addicted to penis forever.

This babe came to the right place, but then anew, Cora is well aware of what she is worthy at. For sample, there is her daytime job.

“I teach sexuality,” this babe said. “I assist people overcome hang-ups, erectile issues, premature ejaculation. I feel blessed to observe ’em transform previous to my eyes. I adore my job. It involves raunchy energy, meditation, yoga and using body, mind and spirit jointly. It’s ancient; this knowledge is over Twenty,000 years aged. It is smth that we all know. It is not like learning. It’s love remembering and doing what feels right and what feels natural. When u acquire it, you are adore, oh, that is not learning. That’s just remembering what I know inside.”

We have gotten to know Cora inside and out ever since that babe came to 40SomethingMag.com for her first-ever hardcore scenes. This is her 3rd. Is it her finest? U tell us.

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So Yummy

So Yummy

So Yummy

Ali is a tight-bodied gal who’s playing with her cum-hole and caressing a sugar-plum all over it to make it even sweeter. She’s shared her sugar cum-hole with lots of cuties…but how does that babe feel about sex with bucks?

“It’s fun. I like large knobs, and I like it when they pound me in doggie-style. My beloved is when we can get one more cutie in the mix. Then I have everything I want: a cum-hole to eat and a ramrod to shag me rock hard. I likewise cum so much when the goddess licks my like button whilst the guy is fucking me. More people means more joy!”

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Anilos.com – Soaked Toy Play added to Anilos.com

Anilos - Soaked Toy Play

AnilosJuicy Toy Play

featuring Kristi.

Added On:

Jun 13, 2019


A sheer top lets you see Kristi’s undergarment as this babe hangs out in ottoman out in daybed. Her panty hugs her butt, but it needs to go to make way for her vibrating toy. This lewd Mommy is in the mood to cum and she’ll copulate herself with her fingers and a fake penis to acquire there.

Young dude fucks Cashmere’s ass

Juvenile buck copulates Cashmere’s booty

Young ladies man shags Cashmere's ass

“I was married for 23 years,” 60-year-old divorcee Cashmere said. “It lasted, we had kids, then it was time to move on. The first time another lady-killer kissed me, I was shocked cuz this woman chaser brought out this passion in me that I did not know was there anymore, and when you are old, u have a little fear. I just felt this excitement inside of me and I wanted to take it farther, so I started having sex with different people, and I indeed enjoyed it. I have learned a lot. I’ve done more things now sexually than I had in the previous Twenty five years. It is a liberating experience. It’s an empowering experience.”

In this scene, her second since becoming a 60Plus HORNY HOUSEWIFE, Cashmere feels empowered through her snatch and her black hole. Logan, who’s half her age, shags one as well as the other, and although we adore watching a mature lady getting ass-fucked, we’d be remiss if we did not call attention to Cashmere’s larger than average, strong pink flaps. Very wonderful.

What’s likewise very worthwhile is when Logan can’t hold back a second more and shoots his load all over Cashmere’s just-fucked arsehole.

Regarding anal-copulation, Cashmere said us, “That’s smth I have been doing with some boyfriends. It’s just some other experience in my life. Right now, I’m having pleasure, and I don’t think it’s impure or sleazy.

“When I was married, I never had butt stab. I had had it in my earlier years, but I did not enjoy it. Then, after my divorce, I met somebody who groomed me for that. It started with anal toys to ease into it and stretch it out.

“Anal sex is not a regular thing for me, but it is very raunchy and it makes me cum and I think people who haven’t attempted it might be surprised by how lovely it can be.”

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Anilos.com – Late Night Love added to Anilos.com

Anilos - Late Night Love

AnilosLate Night Love

featuring Charli Hope.

Added On:

Jun 12, 2019


You’re going to wanna look twice at juicy redhead Charli Hope in that boobacious getup that babe is wearing. Her miniskirt and belts are pretty soon but a memory as she acquires bare on the landing of the stairs and explores her greater than typical breasts and greater than typical gazoo with the velvety palms of her hands.

This time, Cora acquires a large, dark-skinned 10-Pounder!

This time, Cora receives a larger than run of the mill, darksome meat-thermometer!

This time, Cora receives a bigger in size than average, dark cock!

“I kept thinking that my sex drive was going to take a little dip, but I am batty hornier than I’ve ever been,” 46-year-old Cora Comfort said. “I’m bewitched on this idea of having a group action. I think hotties are just infinite with their sexuality. Some honeys have a dip at menopause, but that won’t happen for me until my late ’60s. That is when it happens for all the women in my family. So I guess I’ll just be in heat till then.”

Cora, who was born in Detroit and lives in Las Vegas, is definitely in heat in this fuckathon. She’s dressed in a sheer dress that displays off her sexy body, and her spouse is Seyvan, who has a large, black meat-thermometer with which to drill her. This charmer shags her mouth–meaning this babe acquires her head back and this buck uses her face hole like it is a pussy–and then this Lothario shags her juicy, nicely hirsute fur pie. When this dude can not hold back any longer, this dude cums in her throat and it drops down her chin and onto her large milk shakes.

40SOMETHING: How did you come to detect us?
CORA: I belong to this swinger couples web resource and some random person was talking to me and was adore, you have to go talk to somebody at this company coz you’re a shoo-in. At the time u wanted the submission pics a certain way and I had so much going on. I was like, I do not know if I can make time for this.

40SOMETHING: Would people be surprised to watch you here?
CORA: Yes, I suppose lots of people were blown away when I told them. I kind of bragged about it ‘cuz I’m at that point in my life where there is no shame in my game. That is the yummiest. When you have that innocent curiosity to explore and your mind isn’t jaded by turning bad or getting hurt. You’re like a child who hasn’t been hurt by the world yet. There’s wonderment and passion. That is unfolding for me the maturer I get. It’s working in reverse.

40SOMETHING: How often do u have sex?
CORA: As often as I can. I don’t know. There’s no prescription or formula for it. Sometimes it happens more regularly. Sometimes it doesn’t. U kind of must listen to your circumstances and be aware of what u can receive.

Cora can acquire anything she wishes. That babe is proven that here at 40SomethingMag.com.

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