Sofie Style: a German discovery

Sofie Style: a German discovery

One fan said Sofie Style is the finest German discovery since Nadine Jansen. Praise doesn’t get higher than that. Sophie truly does have a diminutive facial resemblance to Nadine in some images.

The feedback about her debut ranged from ones not-suitable for greeting cards, such as, “Those bigger in size than average, suckable mambos make me so rock hard that my inflexible gent schlong just throbs and tingles so much whilst watching the whole video,” to the monosyllablic, “I want to lick her butt.” Either way, those comments are not suitable until maybe after the 3rd or 4th date, depending on the girl’s personality and raunchy interests and experience.

One of Sofie’s many charms is her girl-next-door look: approachable and attainable.

The photographer was a SCORE browser in Germany who sailed on the Boob Cruise and was inspired by the Cruise and the magazine to become a competent photographer.

“When I go out, I wear everything constricted, showing plenty of my cleavage,” Sofie told. “It has to be tight. This way, all the males are looking at me and I like that. I adore the attention.”

Dave has written a few times that adult models often become nurses or nurse’s aides and nurses often become models. So when I had the chance, I asked Sophie if she can’t live out of to wear fantasy costumes. She replied, “I adore to wear a nurse’s outfit…because I am a nurse!”

That did not surprise me. It likewise somehow made Sofie sexier.

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