Cashmere: luxury MILF

Cashmere: luxury MILF

Cashmere: luxury MILF

“I want people to enjoy what they see, and I hope they enjoy me,” 60-year-old divorcee Cashmere said. “There is a little part of me that’s nervous about this being out there for anyone to see, but it’s exciting, too, not knowing who’s going to see me.”

Cashmere was born in Ohio and lives in Arizona. She’s petite and measures a sexy 36-38-36 with nice, firm tits. She used to be an interior designer.

60Plus MILFs: Did your sex life change after your divorce?
Cashmere: Quite a lot after being with the same person for that long. The first time another man kissed me, I was shocked because he brought out this passion in me that I didn’t know was there anymore, and when you’re older, you have a little fear. I just felt this passion inside of me and I wanted to take it further, so I started having sex with different people, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve done more things now sexually than I had in the previous 25 years. It’s a liberating experience. It’s an empowering experience.

60Plus MILFs: You were monogamous in your marriage?
Cashmere: We were, but sometimes it’s hard to keep things alive and fresh, and if your partner isn’t creative or willing, sometimes you lose interest, too. We were having sex, don’t get me wrong. It was just the same old thing, and then you get complacent.

60Plus MILFs: Besides modeling for us, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done since your divorce?
Cashmere: I started swinging. It’s usually couples, and the people I’ve met have been couples who’ve been married for a long time. And I got in with a nice group. We have little parties, and if we all get along, we all have sex, and sometimes it’s all in the same room with different couples. People switch off, but it’s very, very sensual as well as sexual and really hot, and you also make friends. These people are regular people. Lives, jobs, children.

60Plus MILFs: How did you stumble upon the swinging world?
Cashmere: With a guy I was dating. He asked me if I would be into it, and at first I said, “No,” but at his urging, I gave it a try. We had a couple who we’d never met invite us over, and we all hit it off really great. So for my first experience, I got in with the right people. Those are the kinds of things I’ve been opening myself up to.

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Beth Morgan, Kitty Fox, Zoe Zane, Kenny, Marco

This mature orgy flick begins with gorgeous and large breasted mature sluts Kitty Fox, Beth Morgan and Zoe Zane all sitting on an armchair. They look so sexy and provocative in their underwear – what dude could resist these voluptuous sweeties’ sexual charms? Studs Marco and Kenny pair off with the tramps, taking a bitch each and getting their fuck on! First, goatee wearing guy Marco licks some hot vag, getting his slut’s pussy nice and wet for his massive dick. In the meantime, his buddy Kenny is having his tool sucked by one of the of girls, who really gags on the shlong and shows off the benefits of what 40 years of cocksucking experience can do! – Wet Wonders added to

Anilos - Wet Wonders

AnilosWet Wonders

featuring Anastasia Ocean.

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Sep 29, 2020


Lovely Anastasia Ocean can’t wait to show off her new lingerie getup. The way that lace clings to her curves, you’ll be itching to tear it all off. She’s happy to show off, from tits to twat. Enjoy the show as she peels her underthings off until she’s down to just her stockings and eager for your touch.

Savannah Jane: Busty Bounty Hunter

Savannah Jane: Busty Bounty Hunter

Savannah Jane: Busty Bounty Hunter

If you were a wanted criminal and busty bounty hunter Savannah Jane, wearing shorts and high heels, and packing a rod, snuck into your house while you were napping and jumped on top of you, would you resist?

Or would you let her fuck your brains out and make you pop when she was done cock sucking and banging?

Tough questions about a tough situation with a tough babe.

We’d go with don’t resist and let her ride until the cum blasted her tits.

Savannah’s wildest sexual experience was, “Having sex with a crazy cop on the second floor of a police station.”

And you think we make up the plots of our videos?

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Kailani Kai’s lingerie show

Kailani Kai’s lingerie show

Kailani Kai's lingerie show

“People ask me what I think are my best features,” 47-year-old divorcee and mom Kailani Kai said. “Physically, I would say my boobs and my smile.”

Today, Kailani puts on a lingerie show for your viewing and jacking pleasure. In between trying on lingerie, she gives us long looks at her big tits and even bigger ass. Kailani is a whole lotta woman. Are you man enough for her? When Kailani walks into a room, a restaurant or a store, she owns it. All eyes turn in her direction. Not too many women are built like her.

“Just as much as I love to try on lingerie, I love taking it off for horny men,” she said. “I love big, hard cocks.”

She also said, “I like having my butt spanked.”

That’s the thing with Kailani: Would you spend more time playing with her ass or her tits? Hey, why choose? As Kailani has shown us before, she loves having her tits and her ass fucked. And although she’s doing it here, Kailani doesn’t masturbate often.

“Nothing beats the real thing,” she said.

Kailani used to be a flight attendant. She enjoys camping. She’s not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. She’s not into women. She’s into cock. Like we said, are you man enough for her?

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Now Available! Nevaeh Cures Impotence!

Now Available! Nevaeh Cures Impotence!

Now Available! Nevaeh Cures Impotence!

This is Nevaeh, who’s 20 and from Massachusetts. She recently moved to South Florida, which is our neck of the woods, and we grabbed her. Her job is delivering prescription medicine, and in this video, she tells us a good story about the time she delivered Viagra to a guy and ended up fucking him. Nevaeh makes Viagra redundant. Who needs the little blue pill when she’s around? Nevaeh tells us that she loves South Florida because “it’s hot all year round.” Kinda like Nevaeh.

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A DP for Jillian Foxxx

A DP for Jillian Foxxx

A DP for Jillian Foxxx

These two dudes have no idea why they were invited to Jillian’s house, and they’re a little bit concerned. They both used to fuck Jillian’s daughter. Is Jillian going to give them a tongue-lashing? Well, not exactly. But kind of. Is she going to ream them out for fucking her daughter? Well, somebody’s gonna get reamed, but it’s not gonna be the guys. It’s gonna be Jillian.

Jillian, who’s 50 years old, has invited the boys over because she wants them to fuck her and film it. She wants to suck their dicks, and she wants them to fill her pussy and ass at the same time. Because when it comes to sex, mother knows best.

“Guys love my blow jobs because my throat feels like a really wet pussy,” Jillian said. “I’m always looking at the guy when I’m giving a blow job. I think eye contact is so important, especially in porn. Guys want to see me looking at them. If I’m looking right into the camera when I have a cock in my mouth and another one in my ass, the guys who are watching the movie think, ‘Look at that dirty slut. She’s doing this just for me.'”

Truth be told, Jillian’s doing it for herself, too. She’s certainly not doing it for her daughter.

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Anilos - Just For You

AnilosJust For You

featuring Stefania.

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Nov 29, 2020


Do you like the way the sheer blouse Stefania is sporting lets you see right through to her nipples? She likes that, too. This horny mama is locked and loaded for a good time as she slips her hand into her thong to feel how wet her cunt is and then gets naked for party time.