A bonk and a facial, no strings attached

A bonk and a facial, no strings attached

Donna Marie, a 54-year-old SEXY HOUSEWIFE from Prague, is giving 27-year-old Dennis a guitar. Not very successfully, by the way. He sucks at playing the guitar. Or maybe this dude is distracted by Donna Marie’s D-cup funbags, which are pouring out of her corset.

“Can I touch?” this chab asks.

“Sure,” she says. Hey, if this babe cant teach this smooth operator how to play the guitar, this babe might as well get something with out the afternoon. What Donna Marie gets is a mouthful of ramrod, a screwed love tunnel and cum all over her face.

Born on November 4, 1959, Donna is a divorcee with children and grandchildren. This babe says the people who know her would be “very surprised” to watch her rogering and engulfing on digital camera (although maybe not all the people who know her since she’s a swinger and a nudist).

“I one time had sex in an elevator of an office building in Prague,” Donna said. “We didn’t acquire caught, but maybe that was ‘cuz we went very fast. That charmer put his wang in me doggy style.”

That boy would probably not be surprised to see her here.

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