A Ripping Worthwhile Time

A Ripping Valuable Time

The great Roxi Red is in the mood for smth sexy but different. “Come on, baby, rip my handsome garments off so u can watch my wonderful, big, fetching knockers,” Roxi says. Roxi’s super-natural mountains stretch her sheer blue top and her pointed areolas protrude throughout the material. That babe lifts those fantastic sucklers up in her hands and juggles ’em. This babe stands and raises her arms over head and swings from side-to-side. She claps her love melons together, and while this babe is doing that, “JMac The Ripper” appears behind her and takes hold of her treasures from behind, answering the call for a raiment ripper to undress her.

The thin fabric easily tears and her thin jeggings likewise tear away so Roxi’s twat can be fingered and caressed. Her top ripped to shreds, a gap in her jeggings to allow access to her lady-lips, Roxi leans back on the chaise and opens her throat to taste rock hard schlong. It is their second time and JMac, fucking Roxi’s mouth, is already Roxi’s coach, giving her instructions on ball engulfing and telling her to finger her cunt whilst her face hole is busy.

Roxi acquires on her knees, butt up, so JMac can proceed his ripping and exotic dancing. Roxi’s top is gone and now that lady-killer rips apart her jeggings and removes ’em, oiling her a-hole and spanking her. On her back anew, the moaning superwoman receives a little more cock to engulf. This is for some lube so this Lothario can drive the skin-bus betwixt her tit-tunnel and boob-bang this breast valley dominatrix before their epic bonk session starts.

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