Annabelle’s Babydoll Nightie

Annabelle's Babydoll Nightie

Quick. What color are Annabelle Rogers‘ eyes?

“There are always people wanting to give me their photography services,” Annabelle told. “People had always told me, ‘You should glamour model for The SCORE Group.’ I mostly do at-home ram, but once I looked it up, I thought it would be pleasure. I just by no means thought I’d really be doing it.”

Annabelle’s alluring face and body elevated her. That babe was never just some other face in the crowd. She expresses her dreams and kinky sides on-camera.

“Growing up, I was always very assured, so I kinda always got attention from bucks. I’ve never felt shamed because of my breasts. They’ve always made me feel very hot and empowered and unique. I don’t know if there was ever a time when I thought, ‘Oh, I’ve got it.’ I always thought I had it. Maybe in college, if I had to pick a special time, was when I realized I’ve got it.”

Annabelle’s eyes are blue.

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