Everything To Close The Sale!

Anything To Close The Sale!

Brittney is selling magazines door to door. As this babe tells a ally on the phone, she solely needs another sale to win the sales competition. On her last call, the door is opened by a stud who tells her that that charmer doesn’t have much time for reading and, besides, he has a pile of muscle mags to keep him pleased. Brittney offers him a two-for-one deal and smth else as a persuader; something that she makes charming obvious when this babe starts rubbing his hard cock through his shorts. Of course, this chab tells her if this babe gives him what this babe is offering, he’ll buy all the mags! This fellow repays her batty oral enjoyment with some serious cookie munching, then that gent copulates her inflexible and deep on the daybed and gives her a cum spray as a last tribute. So Brittney wins every which way!

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