Ariane Saint-Amour’s Latex Wonderland

Ariane Saint-Amour's Latex Wonderland

“I’m a classical Otaku geek gal,” Ariane Saint-Amour told final year when SCORE traveled to Canada to photograph this super-slim, super-stacked Quebecoise.

“I spend almost any of my days reading mangas and playing movie scene games. Or boob hunting! I am a truly facile gal! I adore to view wrestling, I find it very entertaining.”

We’re not so sure if the term “simple girl” can be applied to a star in the fetish world, a cosplayer, cam-girl, tattoo paramour and a photo-model who worships large mounds. The answer to the question, “What’s in Ariane’s closet?” is “An heavy number of super-heroine costumes, fetish outfits and more, made with out Latex and other materials that the hawt Montreal brunette hair wears at expos, photo discharges, parties and other places.”

In this scene, Ariane glamour models a variety of her exotic, form-fitting catsuits, tops and skirts that fit her trim, slender body adore a second skin, then lies back for a rub and pleasure session for her shaven, pierced, thick-lipped cookie. Ariane moves like a cat. “I’m insanely cute and cuddly,” that babe adds.

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