Bikini Bustin’ The United States of America

Bikini Bustin' America

So here’s Dolly Fox on the 1st leg of her road voyage around USA. And Dolly does have a pleasant pair of legs. She is the total package.

When we 1st met Dolly, that babe said this babe wanted to visit USA. “I’m planning to come to the America in 2016,” Dolly told. “I would indeed adore to visit the SCORE studios in Miami. I’d too adore to meet other large bust glamour models. But my dream is to live in the America!”

When Dolly arrived from Europe, we met her for a couple of photo discharges 1st. It had to be out side, naturally, this being Miami. This babe brought her all-American red, white and blue bathing costume with her. Dolly may not be a Yank but her kind of patriotism can not be topped.

After her discharges, Dolly arrived at the SCORE building with our photo workers. She met the workers, saw the building and the different departments, got some gifts and met SCORE‘s chief. Dolly wrapped up her day by gonna a restaurant with the photo team. Dressed the way this babe was, and looking the way this babe looks, we’re sure Dolly got the paramount service.

Dolly could merely stay that one day with SCORE previous to this babe flew to her next American avoid. We will not forget her visit.

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