Blue movie scene

Blue movie

Looking hotter, sexier and a lot bustier than any boss we’ve ever watched, 53-year-old Shannon Blue calls in her youthful employee, Tom, for a rencounter. She’s wearing a blue costume that is constricted only coz Shannon’s mammoth scoops are making it tight, and she is showing a lot of cleavage, not that that babe has a choice.

Shannon asks Tom about his figures. He’s more interested in her figure, especially when she bends over. They talk about business. Frankly, what they’re talking about isn’t very interesting. What’s interesting is Shannon’s body.

“Come closer and have a look,” that babe says.

This babe means a view the documents. At least we think that’s what that babe means.

Tom has a look. That charmer also blatantly checks out her mounds and grabs her booty. Charming gutsy, if you ask us.

“You’re very cheeky,” this babe says in her hot British accent.

Is Tom about to get the pink slide?

“I didn’t realize my staff were so hawt,” that babe adds.

Nope. He is about to get Shannon’s pink snatch.

And that is where this business encounter ends and the rogering begins. They even fuck on the corporate ottoman, which is a damn wonderful use for it, if u ask us. Fortunately, when Tom cums, Shannon is careful to jack him onto her billibongs so his man juice doesn’t ruin the couch.

Shannon first came to our attention in 2017, when the Britain tabloids made a bigger than average deal without her using part of her divorce settlement to get larger knockers. We didn’t think that was so shocking; lots of HORNY HOUSEWIVES divorce and receive greater wobblers. But the Great Britain tabloids thought it was a large deal, so we got in touch with Shannon, and in advance of long, we had her in our studio, engulfing and fucking on-camera for the 1st time.

“I was very thin when I was younger and I had very small, merry bra-busters,” Shannon said. “I played hockey and tennis in school. I always wanted stupendous fullsome funbags and now I have them. I admire babes with very larger than run of the mill chests. I acquire tons of attention now from males. I savour it, but it is all just joy.”

Shannon too said, “I have 3 children and one grandson, so I guess I am a GILF.”

There is no supposing, Shannon. You are a MILF and a GILF and all the nice things that go with being one.

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