Bosoms ‘n’ Bikinis

Boobs 'n' Bikinis

Great Balls of Fire! In Part THREE of The SCORE Group DVD feature film Montego Hotties, Gya Roberts, Terri Jane and Micky Bells commence off the proceedings by talking about bikinis. Gya is wearing a yellow string swimsuit, Terri Jane a pink one and Micky a red one.

At poolside, these charming delights discuss the trials and tribulations in their pursuit of the perfect bathing suit. The 3 cleavage champions agree that it is not facile to find a bathing suit that fits and looks sexy on their thunder bods.

They acquiesce on several common points. They adore flashy colors like pink. They like the skimpiest bikinis. They have a difficult time shopping. And nipp erection in public generates lots of attention on beaches.

Gya contributes a bottle of oil to the group rencounter and the girls proceed to liberally douse their wondrous bodies with the slick stuff until the pool deck appears adore a tanker ship ran aground.

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