Captive Audience

Captive Audience

Bound and gagged, May West squirms and struggles. Finally she escapes her restraints and, aroused from the thraldom, May pounds the pink for a climactic finish.

May is one of the hardly any angels in recent years with hair in the slit zone instead of being totally de-fuzzed adore most.

“I used to not shave anything,” May told. “I didn’t adore to shave anywhere. I also adore bigger in size than run of the mill bushes. I like bigger than run of the mill bushes on other vixens. I think it is indeed hawt, so I
just let mine grow out. I’ve had a lot of partners who complimented it. I really love it. I have almost always had it. Just one time I shaven it off all the way and I regretted it. A boyfriend of mine asked me to, and I would not ever attempted it, so I did it and I did not like it.

“My skin is very sensitive, so doing it was a little painful, and also I acquire wet during the day. I receive aroused, and when I would receive soaked, my knickers would acquire succulent vs. having a bush, which catches that wetness. So it was a practical issue.”

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