Casca Akashova: Bathing costume & Baby oil At Swimming pool side

Casca Akashova: Bathing suit & Baby oil At Poolside

Casca Akashova begins her supreme sunny Florida scene wearing a swimsuit at swimming pool side. She sheds her bathing suit to completely soak her body in oil.

Casca’s comfortable on-camera and has a sexy, soft-spoken style, a teasing and enchanting enchantment. That babe has the moves of someone with adult modeling experience.

“Sometimes I’m aware of someone paying attention to my love bubbles, but whether or not I’m, I just carry on normally. I am valuable with attention unless it’s offensive. Sometimes I suit to emphasize them and other times, not. It depends on the situation, where I am and if I am with anybody.

“I do not always wear a brassiere. I usually wear smth comfortable but cute when I do. Comfort is key. The material is essential. It has to feel valuable on my skin.”

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