Cheryl Blossom Time

Cheryl Blossom Time

“I have a friend who’s a photographer, and one day, that chap told me that this dude knows a gal with a big chest, and she can help me with finding glamour modeling jobs, so I wrote to Demmy Blaze,” told Cheryl Blossom. “We are just two cuties who assist each other and have a nice relationship, and this babe said me about SCORELAND.”

Cheryl and Demmy haven’t met face-to-face yet. That would be a sensational sight.

“I think I was a little surprised when I first saw SCORELAND. In advance of I saw it, I could not imagine that there could be a place where gals with larger than typical chests could model and there could be a place where merely girls with big chests were shooting.”

Cheryl said her bras are either J- or K-cups.

“I have no specific partiality in the style of bras. If I like the adult model, then I buy it. Of course, in advance of I buy, I need to try it on to be sure that I am not mistaken with the size and shape.”

SCORE mag isn’t sold in Russian Federation. Maybe one day.

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