Cyndi Sinclair’s anal adventure

Cyndi Sinclair's anal adventure

Poor Rion. This chab stayed over at his girlfriend’s abode final night and cant find his strap. Probably misplaced it while this chab was throwing off his trousers so he could bonk her. So that dude calls his girl on his cell phone, and that babe suggests looking in her mother’s room. Why would it be there?

“Your Mom scares me,” Rion, who’s Twenty six, says. “She’s terrifying.”

Well, during the time that Rion is upstairs, Cyndi comes home, wearing a hawt business outfit with a short skirt. Meanwhile, Rion finds Cyndi’s fun chest, looks inside and discovers Cyndi’s whips and paddles and a anal intercourse. And then she walks in on him.

“Rion!” Cyndi says.

“I’m so sorry,” Rion stammers.

“What are you doing in here? What did you discover in there?”

“I’m not actually sure,” that gent says.

“Well, why don’t we go through it?” that babe offers.

He picks up the paddle, and Cyndi says, “That’s for people who don’t follow rules.”

Then that gent picks up the butt-plug.

“Do u know what that one’s for?” that babe asks.

That Lothario guesses incorrect twice then says, “Does it go in your ass?”

“This one goes in my a-hole. That is right,” this babe says.

Well, at this point, Cyndi, who’s 50, knows what that babe wishes, and she no longer cares that Rion is her daughter’s husband.

“Stephanie doesn’t need to know about this and neither does her father,” Cyndi says.

Cyndi acquires naked. She’s wearing little belts that barely cover her cum-hole. Her mounds are petite and perky. Her areolas are rigid. That babe sucks his dick and balls, then that babe has him work the ass-plug in and without her booty. Is that a preview of what’s to come? Damn right it is because after Rion screws Cyndi’s tight twat, that smooth operator shags her mature ass, also.

But we’re guessing that Rion is intend to have a problem. Having rogered Cyndi, he’s not intend to wish to fuck her daughter ever one time more. He’s always intend to crave Mother.

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