Dally With Allie

Dally With Allie

For some, Allie Pearson is habit-forming. Once they watch her, they’re hooked. The XL Girls crew has no cure for this, no antidote. We ourselves are addicted to that gorgeous face, that winning smile, that smoking hawt body and bigger in size than typical pointer sisters. “What should I do with my pointer sisters this day?” Allie asks. That look in her eyes and her girly-girl voice alone produce erectile rigidity.

XLGirls: You are so valuable!

Allie: I am worthwhile. I’m a hotty.

XLGirls: Tell us in what ways you’re a sweetheart.

Allie: I’m just a very caring person. I like people. I always give people the benefit of the doubt. I don’t have plenty of trust issues, so I automatically look for the fine in people vs. judging them. I do not do that.

XLGirls: So the chaps who walk up to u and stick their heads in your breast valley, the priceless in ’em is…

Allie: They’re probably indeed worthy when they’re sober, but they’ve had a little bit also much to drink!

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