Daria Acquires Cozy & Comfy

Daria Acquires Cozy & Comfy

The Caribbean sun has reddened Daria‘s ravishing skin so she is staying indoors this afternoon. Curled up with a book on the bed (that babe looks hawt wearing eyeglasses), Daria wears knee-high socks and a turtleneck sweater that solely a angel with monumental pointer sisters can pull off. And that is what that babe does…pulls it off to unveil her nice-looking, fleshy curves. Later in the movie scene, a helping hand gives her a toy on a string to play with.

An active Russian angel, Daria likes sports, swimming and biking in rural areas and parks. One of her much loved things is plan to music festivals, where this babe does a lot of dancing and bouncing.

Daria told her teats are very sensitive. This babe has very larger than average nipps. “I like to put lotion on my mellons each evening before I go to sleep. I have a peculiar sperm I use.

“I like to feel hot and captivating. Naked modeling does that for me. It gives me confidence and makes me feel specific.”

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