Factory Girl

Factory Girl

“I like playing with myself on-camera, and I like going out on location and people watching me,” said Morgan Leigh, a goddess who inspired major erections. “It gives me an extra thrill to know that I’ m being watched. I suppose each adult model has to be a little bit of an exhibitionist. We’re showing off our bodies for the entire world to see! I’ve got a miniature little back and very large titties, so my brassiere size is, I think, a 30J. My waist is 23 and my thighs are, I guess, 34. I suppose that is right. I can at not time remember. I’m a tiny little person with very bigger than standard mambos.

Morgan had a very generous attitude about sharing her body on-camera. That babe was inspired by the cuties on the Boob Cruise, where that babe was a passenger, to try modeling herself and to supersize her zeppelins later on.

“I think I love the thought that my titties give someone so much fun. It is not so much vigour with me. I like to fun somebody and make ’em feel admirable. I can make a fellow cum in 2 minutes, less than two minutes, just by showing my whoppers to him, before that smooth operator even touches me, just by me playing with my boobies. It is power, but it is more that they’re getting satisfaction from me. I am very much into giving satisfaction. I think that’s one of the reasons males adore me so much. I am not selfish in daybed. I am more of a giver than a taker!”

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