Filling Her Cups

Filling Her Cups

Here’s one more SCORE Girl who drives us screwing nuts. Mischel Lee tries her second undergarment unveil plus more. Her first undergarment audition was fresh without the shower, called “Wet & Wooly.”

Mischel is smth of a mystery even though we know her more excellent than her gynecologist so we had a chat with her with the kind assistance of Miss I, our friend and translator in Prague. Thank you, Mischel Lee and Miss I.

SCORELAND: Do you discover pubic hair sexual?

Mischel: Yep, it’s very erotic for me. That is why I keep my cunt hairy.

SCORELAND: Have you always had your pubic hair? Many of our browsers like this.

Mischel: Certainly, I have shaved in my life but that is just not my style. All adult models are shaven adore babies now and I know that dudes love at least a little hair!

SCORELAND: What interested u in getting your love melons made bigger in size?

Mischel: Which woman doesn’t wanna have bigger pantoons? I didn’t have a particular reason. I wanted have greater fullsome funbags so now I have bigger.

SCORELAND: What interested u to get rings in your pink flaps?

Mischel: It’s my private secret jewelry.

SCORELAND: Do the rings enhance your enjoyment?

Mischel: Of course! I love the feeling and boyz like to play with ’em.

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