Young meat for Georgette Parks

Young meat for Georgette Parks

“It’s time for Round Two,” Georgette Parks announces as that babe walks throughout our studio door and goes to watch whether the youthful stunt-cock we hired likes her concupiscent look (as opposed to the chic look that babe modeled for him previous to). How could that guy not love Georgette as a whore? Her billibongs look great, her body looks absolutely fuckable and she’s not wearing any briefs over that hairless fur pie of hers. Georgette bows over so this gent can play with her ass, something most 64-year-olds wouldn’t feel confident doing when it’s a 30-year-old they’re doing the bending-over for, but Georgette knows the magic this babe works on studs of all long-time.

“You’re gonna engulf my scoops, and then I’m plan to suck u,” that babe says as she suggests up her extraordinarily firm rack, also. As you’ll watch, Georgette thoroughly enjoys herself.

“I adore younger lads, but I do not have ’em that often,” this babe said us, “so this was a real treat. Majority younger sexy smooth operator don’t have the confidence to approach an maturer lady adore myself, and I’m at not time going to be the aggressor in a erotic situation, so I rarely get juvenile bucks.”

Cheerful we could make u pleased, Ms. Parks.

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