The 50something/60something four-way

The 50something/60something four-way

In this scene, 65-year-old Scarlet Andrews and her assistant, 51-year-old Jenna Covelli, are both clothed in very low-cut business suits that expose plenty of tit. They introduce themselves to James and Carlos, a pair of young boys who sell hip-hop shirts. They’re a little skeezy, a bit downmarket, and they think they know anything.

Their corporate headquarters is in Carlos’s mother’s basement!

The chicks are impressed…not by the fact that Carlos and James are working out of a basement but by the success of their business.

But the boyz are hesitant. They don’t wish to be perceived as sellouts.

“We can unveil u ways to plug up every single hole in the market,” Jenna tells them, a bit suggestively, if you ask us.

Carlos and James excuse themselves to discuss the situation. Meanwhile, behind ’em, Scarlet and Jenna have taken off their jackets.

“Boys, let’s aid you make a decision,” Jenna says.

“Let us flaunt you what we can do for you,” Scarlet adds.

Now, we don’t know how sucking rod and fucking is intend to assist sales, but it’s a lot more fun than sat around making T-shirts. Before we know it, Scarlet is down there engulfing Carlos’s rod and Jenna is having her way with James’ wang. And then the ladies are bouncing up and down on the boys’ schlongs and getting fucked each which way.

In the end, James and Carlos cum on the ladies’ faces. But did Scarlet and Jenna close the deal? Did they land the account? We’re guessing they did.

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