Jewel and Lola Lee: The suck-off

Jewel and Lola Lee: The suck-off

Lola Lee and Jewel have done this three-way thing in advance of, but this time, they’re doing it on clip, for your eyes solely. We asked ’em how they felt about being so requested by our members, and Lola told, “We’re flattered that they urge to see us, and we’re truly flattered that they desire to see us jointly.”

As you view this interview, you’ll just now pick up on how pleased Lola, 67, and Jewel, 62, are to be here. They can’t stop smiling, and when we invite Tony, their buck, to join ’em in daybed, they can not avoid mouthing his jock. Who sucks more admirable? Hey, why make a competition out of this? Lola and Jewel suck differently, and they one as well as the other engulf very well.

What you might detect surprising is that Lola, who seems a bit more reserved than Jewel, sucks penis more aggressively. It’s as if this babe is trying to gulp the cock whole. Jewel gives a more loving oral-sex. But, as we told, they both suck very well.

They too kiss. And do plenty of other things. Bottom line: This interview is jackable. Relish.

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