What a Nerd!

What a Nerd!

Brace-faced girl Karly was born in nineteen-ninety-fucking-seven. Let that sink in for a minute. She is youthful. So what’s this babe doing on NaughtyMag.com?

Getting screwed by a much, much-older guy. “I’ve always had a thing for aged dudes. I mean, they enter the Aeropostale where I work all the time, and they’re always flirting with me. I discover them cute, but I’ve at no time indeed gone out with any of ’em. I figured rogering on on-camera would be easier and less ribald than sleeping with a stranger. Plus, I am gonna school, so I can use the cash!”

Karly told us that this babe actually urges to have a 3some with 2 studs. This babe prides herself in her skills in the bedroom. “I can usually make a lad finish within 3 minutes,” she told us.

Karly is likewise a bit of a nerd. “I’ve always wanted a lady-killer to dress up as Spock from Star Trek. I likewise think that boyz who do cosplay are banging hot. The elf ears do it for me.”

She is gonna make some nerd a very cheerful guy someday. In the meantime, she’s making us very pleased by screwing our gent. Enjoy!

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