Kira’S Slippery Grab

Kira'S Slippery Snatch

“After I got divorced and settled into a new way of life, I decided I would do whatever I please, and one of the first things was to pose for these images,” told Kira Lynn, who also can be watched banging at “Women my age aren’t supposed to do this sort of thing, especially women with kids, but it is not harming someone. I have been skydiving twice, flashed my fun bags at Mardi Gras and been in an orgy at a swingers disrobe club. And I am just getting started!” Like so many of the ladies who appear in Fourty something, Kira was fascinated by her photos in the magazine. When this babe got her copy of 40something #199, she could not avoid looking at her layout. “One of my kids sauntered into my room during the time that I was looking at ’em and almost caught me,” she told. “He told, ‘What’s that, Mother?’ Fortunately, his cell phone rang and this buck forgot about it, but even the thought of nearly being caught by my own son got me lustful. But he’ll by no means know. The thought of all you men looking at my nude vagina and what u might be doing while you are looking at it really got me concupiscent and luscious,” she told. “I adore when my love tunnel is really damp. That’s why this time, I wanted to acquire my vagina as moist and juicy-looking as possible, so I fingered it for a during the time that, then I poured greasy oil all over it. Do u adore it? If you do, let me know! I can’t await to hear what you did while looking at my pictures!”

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