Wonder From Down Below

Wonder From Down Under

“I’m a sexually aggressive female,” says Lila Payne, fresh arrival from the land of Oz. Hawt off the charts. Exudes erotic flair. “If I love someone, they will know it. Sex on a 1st date? Yep, if I love the person and there is nice chemistry. If that person is boring, the date will end early. Anybody being a very worthwhile kisser indeed turns me on. If the giving a kiss is bad, everything else usually is likewise.”

Lila has a bright smile in her pictures, vids and chats. What makes her chortle when she’s got the time to just kick back at home? “I like old-school Monty Python and physical comedy. I also chortle glamorous rock hard at laughable cute-animal videos on the web.”

“What a angel!” writes BoobHound. “And the fact that that babe can’t live out of her own bumpers, also, and isn’t complaining about back pain, makes her even sexier.”

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