Luna Azul crosses over to the dark-skinned side

Luna Azul crosses over to the dark-skinned side

For Luna Azul’s first date with a dark-skinned weenie, including in her personal life, she’s wearing a hawt pink top and tight jeans. The top quickly comes off, and Luna, 58, flaunts her firm, pierced D-cup juggs and squeezes them jointly. Suddenly, there’s a lad on the bed.

“You know what?” Luna says. “I wanna copulate. You think you can handle that, baby? I can see u desire to shag me baby, don’t you?” This babe rubs his crotch and says, “I like a black penis,” although at this point, that babe doesn’t know that for sure. But this babe quickly takes out his dark meat-thermometer and goes right for it, engulfing it, making it juicy, licking and engulfing his nuts. This babe is got skills!

Later on, there is a great observe betwixt Luna’s legs of his wang drilling her fur pie, as if it is gonna split her in half. The contrast of dark-skinned on white is exciting, and Luna is clearly lost in the pont of time, taking each inch of that wang in her constricted fur pie.

Back home in Los Angeles, California, Luna Azul is a Mommy of grown children. They don’t know that their Mother turns into a whore when there’s strapon around. Oh, sure, they might know about her pierced nipps, but they do not know about her pierced vagina, and they do not know that that babe came to our studio to shag a dark ladies man.

Luna waited Fifty eight years for this black cock. We made sure we gave her a admirable one.

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