Maggie Toys With U

Maggie Toys With You

Maggie Green looks very comfortable in anything she does. Maggie used to pay for her high school spring break vacations by entering moist T-shirt contests. No doubt this babe won ’em all.

“Everyone was love, ‘Oh, was it odd the 1st time you went topless?’ and ‘The first time you were naked, were u nervous?'” Maggie remembered. “No! It wasn’t unconventional at all, and I wasn’t nervous. I felt comfortable.”

“I love collision fresh people and gonna recent places. I like getting my hair and makeup done. It is quite beautiful. It’s quite a transformation from how I look normally, so it’s fun. It’s adore playing dress-up, I suppose.”

We do not know where Maggie got her dominatrix-bitch regalia but we do know where she buys her bras. She buys ’em at Fredericks of Hollywood, a admirable institution of breast-garment engineering.

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