Emili Loves Anal

Emili Loves Anal

Emili Loves Anal

Some guys have all the luck. Take Emili‘s boyfriend. He managed to find himself a beautiful 23-year-old blondie who loves anal sex. In fact, she prefers it over anything else.

Emili doesn’t have to try too hard to seduce her guy. She’s lying on the couch in her underwear when he starts touching her thighs. Surprise, surprise. He’s horny and ready to fuck. Her boyfriend spreads Emili’s legs and begins fingering and licking her wet, tasty pussy. Then, she returns the favor by sucking and drooling on his meat.

Just because Emili prefers taking it in the ass doesn’t mean that she skips having her pussy railed. That’s just the appetizer, though, and after a few minutes, she’s practically begging for a fat dick in her tight starfish.

The only way to finish off this impressive fuck-spectacle is with Emili on her knees, sucking cum out of the very cock that was just inside her backdoor. She smiles afterward, jizz spilling off of her lips and running down her neck. She got what she wanted.

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Lilly James

Lilly James Lilly James
Lilly James @ CuckoldSessions.com
Lilly loves abusing her husband by fucking other men in front of him. He’s just a hustling well to do businessman who is always recruiting commission only sales men to sell his insulation product. They call it the "drill and fill". Well that is exactly what his wife Lilly likes getting done to her. Right in the middle of his sales pitch she has the nerve to start hitting on all the hot men he has over. One thing leads to another and she is sucking their cocks right in front of her husband. Exasperated and spineless the poor little cuckold must endure the punishment of watching his slut of a wife gag on one big steaming beef steak after another. covered in saliva and panting the little piglet is shoving cocks faster in her hole than a nympho playing squat tag at an asparagus patch. They all take turns training her little pussy one after another in a variety of positions and soon somebody breaks the anal barrier and the party really begins. Balls deep and slamming her asshole is an open highway to paradise as she is coming over and over again. Soon Lilly has a cock pounding each hole at the same time and one in her mouth and she is airtight and roasting on cock like a pig on spit. Creampied and facially blasted the slut of a wife is left happy and dripping as her husband can only watch and whine.
Lilly James Lilly James

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A Brazilian babe.

A Brazilian babe.

A Brazilian babe.

“Yeah, I’m one of those wannabe actresses who came to Los Angeles to make it big,” said Nikki. “I’m realistic enough to know that I’m not gonna make it: three crowd scene parts in a year is not a career. So I’m saving up to go back to Brazil. My family left there when I was 12. I’ve got relatives there who have some great job opportunities for me.

“To be honest, I’m sick of all the LA-lifestyle bullshit. Rio is just as good. The guy I’m sleeping with told me about NN and offered to take pictures for me to send in,” said Nikki. “We don’t tell our mutual friends that we’re dating because pretty much all we do is get together to fuck, with an occasional meal out now and then. I decided to pose for him so that if I can’t be a movie star, I can at least be a jacked-over magazine and website star. I love being in front of cameras; I don’t care whether they shoot video or stills. And I loved taking my clothes off and getting naughty for strangers to enjoy.”

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Baking up a creampie

Baking up a creampie

Baking up a creampie

Our stud JMac is always ready for some action. Kyler tells him her pussy is still sore from the last time they fucked. JMac says he can make it feel better with some of his special cream.

“What’s a creampie?” she asks.

JMac is happy to show her. But before filling her with cum, he fills her with his big, hard cock. Kyler gets tossed around in some fun positions where we get clear views of his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy like a piston. Kyler is so tiny that JMac’s cock looks like it’s half her size, but she manages to take his full length with no problems. She also gladly takes his full load, squeezing it out of her just-fucked pussy, scooping it up and licking it off her fingers.

After the action she confirmed that she’s now a fan of creampies. “Mmm, they’re delicious. I loved tasting his cum mixed with my pussy juice.”

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Audrey Maxx: pool hustler, cock handler

Audrey Maxx: pool hustler, cock handler

Audrey Maxx: pool hustler, cock handler

Audrey, an exotic 40something with a husband and son at home, is out for a night on the town, showing off her sexy side. She’s playing pool with a couple of young guys, and they think they can hustle her.

“If we beat you, you buy us drinks for the rest of the night,” one of them says. “And if you win, we’ll buy you a bottle.”

“How about when I win, I’ll tell you what I want,” Audrey says.

Well, two against one seems unfair, but much to the guys’ surprise, Audrey clears the table.

“So, I get to tell you what I want now,” she says. “You’re two cute boys. I think I’d like to have you both at the same time.”

They fill her mouth, they fill her pussy, doing much better with her fuck holes than they did with the holes on the pool table. She jacks both of them onto her face. Two against one? Unfair. Two on one? In Audrey’s world, definitely fair.

“I have a very normal life with a son and a husband,” Audrey said. “I’m a card-carrying member of the PTA. I volunteer at my son’s school. But now here I am doing this!”

After these two guys shot their loads all over her face and tits, she phoned her husband and told him all about it. Just like a good wife should!

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Bra buster’s submission

Bra buster’s submission

Bra buster's submission

Emma is a short and busty beauty who sent us her photos to show off for her husband. They’re a very open, sex-oriented couple. “One time, we had a party and invited over a bunch of friends and some local swingers. It obviously turned into a big orgy. It was crazy kinky having sex with multiple people multiple times.”

Emma is originally from New Jersey, but she and her guy live in Florida now. She’s 5′ tall, wears a 34DDD-cup bra and loves sucking dick and playing with cum. “My dream is to take part in a bukkake. I love the feeling of cum all over my body, especially on my tits.”

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Shy Dakota

Shy Dakota

Shy Dakota

Standing 5’1″ tall and weighing in at only 100 lbs., Dakota packs a whole lot of sex appeal into a tiny frame. This Massachusetts native assured us that she is a shy girl-next-door type, but she doesn’t fuck like it.

“I was really shy in high school,” Dakota told us. “But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t sexual. I lost my virginity when I was really young. I’ve always had a healthy sexual appetite.” If you’re wondering what that means, we were too, so our photographer asked her. “I’m into choking, pegging, strap-ons, vibrator play, hair pulling, threesomes and a bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right now,” she said.

“I recently met someone who is as much a freak as I am. We’ve explored a few things together, figuring out what works for us. He went out and spent a shitload of money on new sex toys to try together. The best one had to be this new vibrator that gently uses air to suck on my clit. I came so fuckin’ hard with that thing!”

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One cock isn’t enough for busty Mishka Lee

One cock isn’t enough for busty Mishka Lee

One cock isn't enough for busty Mishka Lee

When this video opens, Mishka Lee is on her knees sucking cock.

“You like that,” the dude she’s sucking says. “You like my cock in your mouth. I’ve been fucking you for weeks now.”

“Don’t kid yourself,” Mishka says between sucks. “You don’t know what I need.”

“What else do you want?” he says.

“I want a cock in my mouth and my ass.”

“I can’t do both at the same time,” he responds. “I’ve only got one cock, babe.”

Is this guy dense? Doesn’t he get the message?

“I can put your finger in your ass while you’re sucking my cock,” he adds.


There’s a knock on the door. It’s the delivery boy.

“Come on in. The door’s open,” Mishka Lee says. Soon, her ass is open, too.

Mishka Lee is a businesswoman, and when you’re running a business (hers makes signs), you need to have the ability to do two things at once. Here, this big-titted, kinky, tattooed nymph from San Diego (by way of San Antonio, Texas), proves that she can do two things at once. She can suck one cock while jacking another. She can lick balls while getting fucked in her pussy. She can ride cock while sucking cock, and she can get ass-fucked while sucking cock, too. And, of course, she can make two cocks cum at once.

“Being in 40Something has definitely made me a hornier woman,” Mishka Lee told us. “That’s something I didn’t think was possible.”

Dare to dream, Mishka Lee. You’re a very talented woman.

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