Mega-busen wonder

Mega-busen wonder

“My ideal day is when everyone is pleased and no one has any problems. Anything is consummate,” said super-stacked natural Emilia Boshe.

Everything is flawless when Emilia is baring her massive bra buddies. These enormous hangers are HH-cups, and they do hang heavily. A boy could receive a workout lifting these babies. Fortunately, some of our men have had workouts lifting Emilia’s bazookas (and doing other things to them and her wet crack), and that’s smth you’ll be seeing in a short time at SCORELAND2.

“I like polite lads who know how to treat a hotty,” Emilia told. “I adore males who know how to make a goddess like me with bigger in size than typical bumpers feel comfortable. It’s okay if they urge to ask me questions about my bosoms, but 1st they should receive to know me a little bit.”

Those pictures and the movie will assist u know Emilia more remarkable, but let’s face it: By the time the episode is over, you’ll know more about Emilia’s bazookas and pussy than everything else about her. Hey, that’s just the way it has to be.

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