Mirabella on the BBC…two BBCs!

Mirabella on the BBC...two BBCs!

“I can not make no doubt of I’ve 2 penises to play with today,” says 44-year-old Mirabella Amore at the commence of this scene. “I’ve at no time had that before.”

“Penises”? What kind of language is that for a aged lady? The proper word is “cock” or “dick” or “fuck stick,” which isn’t one word, but who cares?

“I need some ramrod,” Mirabella says, finally speaking properly.

Bigger than standard, darksome dick, that is. 2 of ’em for Mirabella, who had never even fucked on-camera until she sauntered into our studio for the first time. This is her 4th video, and she is rogered solely for us.

“Wow, look how big that pecker is!” Mirabella says as she strokes one of the ramrods. “I’ve not ever had one that greater than standard before!”

Hey, that is why M.I.L.F.S. come to our studio: to get the bigger in size than run of the mill knobs they’ve not at all had before. And Mirabella had at not time had a threesome before this one with Jax and Rome, so she’s crossed that off her bucket list, too.

Mirabella can’t live without boys who are fine and polite. Jax and Rome are very admirable to Mirabella. They give her what this babe urges. She says that babe is exploring her fetishes and that this babe doesn’t have sex often enough. That babe can solve that problem with a snap of her fingers.

Blond, glamourous, big breasted, sexy, lustful…Mirabella has everything u could ever crave in a female.

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