Miss Isabelle Opens Up

Miss Isabelle Spreads Up

Miss Isabelle, or just “Izzy,” did very not many appearances at XL Girls. She is very hot in this movie, very chatty and sexy. It’s more jackable than lots of other single goddess videos cuz of what Miss Isabelle says and what that babe does. Her voice is hot also. She didn’t just tell lies back and plug away silently with a toy or her fingers.

Miss Isabelle said that babe masturbates each single day, numerous times a day, if this babe doesn’t have a guy. “I tend to play with my nipples and clitoris when I masturbate. I love most of all a bigger than run of the mill, real strapon to a toy but there’re times when a female goes through a dry spell and doesn’t have a partner to take care of her needs. Boyz go throughout these dry spells too. We all do. So I have a pair of back massagers plugged in next to my ottoman. I use ’em just about every evening. It’s become part of my ‘going to bed’ routine. I keep one on my areolas and one on my clitoris, have a good greater than typical O and then drift off to sleep.”

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