Tough Day At Work? Nikki’s Plan to Make It All Better!

Tough Day At Work? Nikki's Intend to Make It All More valuable!

“I one time had sex with a boy inside his sports car in broad daylight,” said Nikki, a 50-year-old divorcee from Tucson, Arizona. “We were outside a bar, and my allies were inside. When we went back inside, I had a large smile on my face, and his jizz was still oozing down my leg, which was really nasty ‘coz I was wearing a mini-skirt and no thongs.”

Nikki is not a coy mastix. She’s an exhibitionist and a man-pleaser. In this scene, her woman chaser has come from work. That lady-killer is had a tough day, but Nikki is gonna make it more magnificant.

“Do u urge me to suck your shlong for u?” Nikki says. “I wish to give u the paramount blow job you have ever had. I wanna take up with the tongue it and engulf it. I wish u to cum all over my face.”

That babe tells him she craves to taste his pre-cum. That is something you don’t hear a sweethearts say too often. “I adore mouthing 10-Pounder,” she says, some other line that is not heard often enough (but, come to think of it, is heard quite often at “Are you going to cum for me?”

That chap does but not until Nikki gives him a lengthy, slow oral-sex (and a tit-fuck and a tug job). And that babe not merely tastes his pre-cum. That babe tastes his load, likewise.

More about Nikki: She’s a tall swallow of water at 5’10”, 132 pounds. The funbags? D-cups. She is a bartender. That babe says her carnal fantasy is “to be taken on top of my Camaro in a semi-public place with the sun on my shoulders.” This babe has pierced areolas and great tan lines. And she loves to please.

“This is a dream come true,” she told. “I love the entire experience. Previous to I came here, I tried to think of all the things I could do to turn you lads on. I hope it worked!”

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