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Indoctrination. You are about to witness it, first hand. Nine Elle and her spouse are in the centre of a cuckold session when their barely-legal daughter, Beauty, came home early from a date. Cutie is home early because she was sick and tired of watching her spouse check out all the other cuties at the beach! Needless to say, Angel was shocked when she strided into the abode to find her daddy masturbating as he watched a black buck rogering her Mamma!! The solely thing she could do was screech! Observe Mother and dad rush to their daughter to "explain". Explanation? Indoctrination! Soon little Cutie is on her knees with Mommy, mouthing dark dick, whilst daddy enjoys the unveil! Warning: you are about to witness a fresh level of cuckolding…one so taboo it may leave u feeling disturbed — or hungry for more!

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