Nurse Charlie’s bedside manner

Nurse Charlie's bedside manner

Charlie, a 57-year-old registered nurse (and wife) from Denver, Colorado, nurses a ding-dong to erection, then sucks it and fucks it until it spurts cum in her first on-camera copulate. If you ever saw Charlie at the supermarket (or in a hospital, at your bedside), you’d probably think, “She resembles the femdom-goddess next door, but there’s smth about her.” Something naughty and sexy.

Charlie is 5’4″ and weighs about 131 pounds with D-cup love muffins. She’s a large fan of Denver’s pro sports teams (the Broncos in football, the Avalanche in hockey, the Rockies in baseball), and she likewise enjoys SCUBA diving and trickling. Sex-wise, she describes herself as “traditional,” although that babe is into women and has a precious collection of sex toys.

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with three or four males and maybe another girl or 2 at the same time,” Charlie told.

We have a feeling she’ll observe eventually. But for now, watching a nasty nurse getting fucked does it for us.