Officer Angelina

Officer Angelina

Officer Angelina Verdi is making the rounds of her beat and enters a public men’s room. She’s gotten reports about a pervert sighting. Seems there’s some stranger with a copy of Voluptuous mag causing a disturbance.

Officer Angelina sneaks in quietly and observes the perp choking the chicken. She busts him right there, grabs the magazine with out his hand, throws it to the floor, and hauls his wazoo over to the station house. She’ll acquire a commendation for this.

After checking to make sure that the perp is not a politician or a celebrity actor subject to instant immunity from prosecution, Officer Angelina suggests the cuffed and seated perp several options. The final option is no-fault rehabilitation, administered personally by Officer Angelina.

“Perverts like u shouldn’t be jacking off in a corner,” the officer informs the perp as she lowers herself to his level. “They should be screwing big titted sluts love me,” Officer Angelina says as she extracts his shlong out of his fly, sticks out her tongue to lick it and rubs it betwixt her big scoops bulging over her demi-bra.

If this miscreant doesn’t copulate her truly admirable, that babe warns, it is jail for sure. He’ll soon learn that Officer Angelina’s concept of hard time is different from the ordinary definition. With scoops adore this babe has, the words slammer and busted too take on recent meaning. Officer Angelina oughta pose for SCORE because that babe looks fully qualified!

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