Paging Miss Valentine

Paging Miss Valentine

Jenna Valentine channels Bettie Page, the legendary pin-up star of the 1950s, and brings her own personal style to the retro-vintage and Goth look this babe likes.

And off-camera?

“I’m absolutely nude. I love to be naked. I will lay exposed in couch, eat nude in daybed and do a bunch of other ram while I am exposed in daybed.”

But during other times?

“If I’m going out to a lap dancing club or a flaunt, I wear super-tight corsets. I adore corsets. So, corsets, short skirts. I always flaunt deep cleavage. Adore, obviously, not if I am intend to the grocery store.

“Guys hit on me all the time, but honestly, I attract plenty of gals. I mean, I have been out and had a gal come up to me and grasp my milk sacks and was like, ‘Sorry, I had to do that,’ and walk away, and I was just love, ‘Whoa!'”

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