Party Bus Whore

Party Bus Bimbo

When she 1st appeared in an issue of Wicked Neighbors magazine, Mikali said us, “My partner drives this party bus betwixt three disrobe clubs every evening, so when I posed for NN, I said I wanted to do it on the bus.”

So, here’s the video version of these pictures with Mikali wearing the same hot, white, see-through top that allows us to see her underneath garment under. The images were priceless but the episode is more wonderful coz we get to watch Mikali, and we also need to watch her walking onto the bus in her shag shoes.

“I liked talking to the digital camera,” Mikali said. “I enjoyed getting myself off knowing the digital camera was recording it for u chaps to view. U should join me one time on my party bus.” Invitation accepted, Mikali.

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