Picnic With Roxee

Picnic With Roxee

Spend some quality time with Roxee Robinson outdoors at a secluded poolside area. Fetching redhead Roxee brings the wine, the fruit and her astonishing rack. You bring yourself.

XLGirls: Greetings Roxee, this is your 3rd tour to Prague. How was anything?

Roxee: I had an incredible time. Although I did not must do any sightseeing in the town of Prague this time, I did need to relish the captivating countryside. This shoot location was in a abode in the country. It was the perfect setting for a attractive outdoor discharge. It was an outstanding look at to wake up to. Even during the time that getting my makeup on I had a handsome check with out Czech nature. The food was captivating and the crew I was working with spoiled me rotten with wonderful Czech cooking. I love trying different foods.

XLGirls: What’s it like for you going throughout airports with a rack like yours?

Roxee: When I flew home from Prague, I made sure to wear a sexy cleavage-revealing shirt and I got checked out constantly. Lads can hardly contain their reaction. It is adorable.

XLGirls: It would not be a surprise if you told us the pilots invited you to sit with them in the cockpit.

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