Reach For The Skye

Reach For The Skye

SCORE sent out an alert: Will the big-boobed girls of Canada please contact us. We know they’re out there.

Livecam hotty Nikki Skye already knew about SCORE. “My partner told me about The SCORE Group 3 years agone,” said Nikki of Toronto. Better late than at not time is one of our beloved sayings.

Modeling and camming are the most-fun things Nikki’s ever done. There are two things she craves to do one day. “I still have not at any time been on a plane and I have at no time entered a damp T-shirt contest.” We’re sure Nikki would win if she did. She’s finger lickin’ worthy.

“I like wearing low-cut tank tops so I acquire magnificant deep cleavage. I abhor T-shirts and turtle necks.”

When ya got it, expose it. And yep, especially you, busty Canadians.

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