Red Hair, Ivory Skin

Red Hair, Ivory Skin

Roxee Robinson enjoyed getting exposed and playing around out side so this babe wanted to do it one time more. Fresh air, sunshine, the greenery, Roxee wearing the wind…can’t beat that! We have been encouraging Roxee to practice areola self-sucking.

XLGirls: You have been practicing self-sucking. How’s that going?

Roxee: I’ve been practicing a lot. It’s going worthwhile. It takes practice, practice and more practice. But the end result is worth all the practice.

XLGirls: What’s the hardest part of it?

Roxee: The hardest part is getting my nipps ready. I’ve to pull on my nipples first for about five minutes to acquire ’em willing to reach my throat. After that, the rest is effortless.

XLGirls: How often do you practice?

Roxee: Often, I detect if I don’t practice for several days it takes more work getting my nipple in my face hole.

XLGirls: Keep practicing. What do you consider the perks of having big wobblers?

Roxee: It makes it actually easy to have my way with studs!

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