Rising for Dawn

Rising for Dawn

A lady love Dawn doesn’t need an escort, but sometimes it’s easier than way. No promises, no having to worry about whether you are impressing the other person, no wondering about whether he is going to call u the next day, and when u receive back home after dinner…

“I’ve been slutty all night,” Dawn tells her pay-for-play lad.

But it turns out this lady-killer doesn’t do that kind of thing. At least not usually. Tonight, though, this gent is plan to make an exception. ‘coz when a hawt SEXY HOUSEWIFE love Dawn, all dolled up and looking sexy in a constricted, blue suit, desires your penis, u don’t withhold the meat.

Dawn is Fourty six years old. She’s married. This babe has children back home in Arizona. She normally doesn’t do this kind of thing. She is not even a swinger.

But, hey, sometimes a mistress has to turn her wild side loose. And what more fantastic place to do it than at GrannyGetsAFacial.com?

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