Horny Schoolgirl

Slutty Schoolgirl

Do you always wear underwear, Megan?
“Yes, glamorous much always. If I don’t, my clitoris will rub on my jeans and I’ll acquire all sexy and bothered. If I get also turned on, I’ll receive a mountainous moist spot on my jeans, and with out any briefs on to soak it up it would totally leave a damp spot.”

When you are out in public, how do you dress?
“Slutty! I usually wear a constricted crop without a brassiere so u can watch my unbending nipps through my shirt. And I wear petite denim shorts so the bottom of my a-hole hangs out the bottom.”

How do you feel now that you’re shooting porn?
“Great! Porn has opened my eyes to so many things, love my raunchy attraction to cuties. Now I adore hooking up with girls.”

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