Soap angel

Soap girl

In Japan, Ria Sakuragi became a well-known name in the busty community. She has oval-shaped, very darksome brown areolae that circle her dark brown nipps. Ria’s bra-busters are very pliable and malleable. That babe can easily squish and squeeze them. SCORE was the only western mag to publish Ria.

“There are more big-boobed angels in Japan than westerners realize,” Ria told via a translator. “I know many more. Hitomi is my friend and I saw her SCORE fotos. I’m cheerful to be in SCORE, likewise, my 1st western mag.”

Since Ria could not must the States, SCORE had her photographed in Japan. Love almost all Japanese beauties, Ria lives on her smartphone and spends plenty of time on the Net. That babe likes to shop, go to spas and surf the Web, just like majority hawt honey bunnys. They all seem to do the same things no matter what nationality they are. Shop, spend hours on the phone, dote on little dogs and dress in tight, skimpy hot clothes to excite chaps.

One thing I noticed about majority Japanese lady models: They do not have tattoos. At least the ones I’ve viewed. American and European bare models are increasingly getting covered in ’em. It is a very complex and lengthy subject with unfathomable roots in Japanese history. Tattoos are generally frowned upon by mainstream Japanese society those days, from what I’m told, different from in the States and Europe where they’re considered hip and phat.

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