Can U Sweet-Talk Your Way Into Stella Rose’s Throat?

Can You Sweet-Talk Your Way Into Stella Rose's Mouth?

If u think you can talk your way into Stella Rose’s panties…well, you just might be right.

“I love sweet-talkers,” said this 48-year-old divorcee from New York. “I’m a pushover for a buck who knows how to talk to a lady. I’ve definitely been picked up more than a tiny in number times. One time, a boy came up to me and said, ‘Where have u been all my life?’ I just about melted. Five minutes later, I was sucking him off in the front seat of his car.”

But different from the guys she’s attracted to, Stella Rose isn’t exactly a sweet-talker. She’s more of a wicked fuck-talker.

“I wanna suck your large shlong,” that babe says to her man. “I like jacking your large shlong, baby. Slap me with that dick!”

Which this woman chaser does, and then Stella continues slobbering all over it whilst fondelling her cum-hole. The dude’s 10-Pounder is thick and lengthy, but Stella can take it. And tug it. And open her mouth to smack his load on her tongue.

Here’s the great thing about Stella Rose: You see honey bunnys adore her all the time. Daily, in fact. At the Fitness Centre (where that babe works part-time). Maybe at the university (she’s a part-time scholar, also). She isn’t a sex star. She is the MILF-next-door. And, yet, this babe fantasizes about having public sex, and that babe one time had a trio with 2 other hotty’s and she masturbates each night. Coz that is what the MILF-next-door does.

We asked Stella Rose what that babe wishes to do that she hasn’t done yet, and she said, “Be in a porno.” And here she’s!

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