Sweater Bustin’ Coed

 Sweater Bustin' Coed

It’s elementary to fantasize Suzumi Wilder as a big breasted coed. Coz Suzumi is a big busted coed. It must be a difficult thing for her male classmates and some of her male instructors to handle. How the hell can they focus on…focus on…wow, what a bod on this gorgeous blond! This babe need to be an A+ student and that is not describing her bra-cup size! Please, no “Give her an F” jokes.

College questionaires are somewhat different than the ones at XL Gals. On ours, Suzumi wrote under Special Talents, “I think I am marvelous professional at gaming, drawing and painting. And, oh, deepthroating.”

Say anew?

“I feel love I can receive into anything if the mood is right. Some of my much loved things are to have my a-hole smacked during the time that I am being screwed and to have my hair pulled.”

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