A Tea-Bag For Tammi

A Tea-Bag For Tammi

“I one time was in a group fuckfest on the dance floor of a swingers exotic dancing club,” told Tammi Sue, a 46-year-old divorcee and Mother of 2. “It was very hawt.”

Tammi Sue merits very hot coz that babe is very sexy. When this scene opens, Tammi is wearing a pink, low-cut top and super-tight jeans. Those aren’t Mama jeans. Those are “check out my ass” jeans that hug her beautiful a-hole. Tammi measures 36-28-36, and she’s contented of her body, which is why that babe wastes no time taking off her low-cup top and taut jeans.

“See how far u can put it down my face hole,” that babe tells her woman chaser previous to the mouthing begins. That babe lies back and takes as much ramrod as this babe can, then that babe spend tons of time sucking and touching with tongue balls. When it comes to getting tea-bagged, Tammi’s good for a double dip. Or a triple. How about a quadruple?

Tammi was born in Naples, Italy and lives in San Diego, California, where that babe owns a printing business. She enjoys cooking, baking, reading and riding her motorcycle. She is a fan of the San Diego Chargers football team and the San Diego Padres baseball team. And this babe likes younger males.

“I’m a cougar,” she said. “I’m almost a puma. I adore younger males, in their early 30’s. They can keep up with me.”

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