The Woman-Next-Door

The Woman-Next-Door

An office administrator in London, England at the time of her discharges for The SCORE Group, Vicky or Victoria wanted to try what that babe saw in the “top shelf magazines”–another name for men’s magazines coz they were kept on the top shelves at newsagent shops, with out reach of minors.

Vicky contacted the London studio of John Graham, the director of photography of SCORE at the time, and asked if The SCORE Group would be interested. Voluptuous magazine was always in need of naturally-chesty women-next-door with an exhibitionistic streak who wanted to make worthwhile specie. Vicky took direction very well. That babe wasn’t willing to do any boy-girl scenes but that was not an issue.

As a curvacious woman, Vicky caught the eye, especially if she wore anything tight. “Men can be very cocky. They talk to my chest, not my face. I’ve learned to live with that. To be honest, I am quite proud of my chest.”

This photo discharge was published in the June 1999 issue of Voluptuous.

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