There is a Exposed Goddess In The Kitchen

There's a Stripped Girl In The Kitchen

Dulcinea acquires slap-happy with her enormous naturals, keeping her mambos in motion during a lot of her reveal in the kitchen. There’s plenty of worthy energy in those milky jugs. Crave some pie? Dulcinea has a lot of that to serve up, too. By the time she is done, you won’t need a GPS to know your way around her damp, creamy body. You’ll be an professional.

SCORELAND: So Dulcinea, do you’ve any a matter of joke habits?

Dulcinea: Yes, I spontaneously burst into song. And sometimes I’ll add a dance to it. I’ll just be walking around the grocery store and I’ll watch something that reminds me of a Darksome Sabbath song and, next thing you know, I’m doing a full-on Ozzy Osbourne impersonation.

SCORELAND: Do you do household chores at home, love cleaning, topless or undressed?

Dulcinea: I don’t wear hawt clothes at all when I am at home! So I do everything stripped. Dishes, vacuuming, even washing the windows! My neighbors truly seem to adore that.

SCORELAND: We’ll bet. Have your love muffins ever fallen with out your top in public?

Dulcinea: Yeah! They sometimes spill out the front if I am wearing a low cut shirt. Since I’m usually braless, I’ve had my fair share of nip slides.

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